Backyard Experiments

to try at home or school

What can students (and others) do to learn more about the impacts of climate change in Montana on their own?

How about trying a few easy experiments and hands-on lessons?

In Experiment 1, students can learn about the effects of climate change on bird migrations in recent decades by focusing on the return of one of Spring's most visible migrants: the American robin.

Experiment 2 looks at the ways in which warming temperatures in Montana have affected the Spring flowering dates of one plant species, the ever-present dandelion.

In Experiment 3, we ask people to take the time to interview their grandparents (or a long-time neighbor) about the kinds of changes that they've noticed in the last 20-40 years in Montana.

We've provided some examples of Montana residents talking about their own experiences of climate change in videos, because, after all, this may just be the most valuable information that we have in our own communities.

Photo: iStock.