Hear your neighbors' stories

about climate change

& share your own

Most Montanans spend a lot of time outside, and get to know the forests, rivers, and wildlife species in their favorite places incredibly well while hunting, camping, fishing, or working on their farms and ranches over the years.

Here, we are asking Montana's residents to share their experiences of climate change with us by posting stories and photographs on an interactive map, and by talking about the changes they've noticed in videos.

You can hear what your friends and neighbors have to say here, and then add your own comments and photos to the interactive map if you'd like.

Send your favorite climate change cartoons to us (there are a lot out there!) and we'll post them on our cartoon page.

Or you can just take a moment to suggest some photographs for us to include in our Image Gallery for climate change in Montana.

In the last few months, we've heard about changes in the behavior and whereabouts of wildlife species like birds and grizzlies, the impacts of highly variable weather on farmers, and the effects of a warming climate on ski hills.

So tell us, what have you noticed?

Photo at top of page: iStock.