Learn about Climate Change

Climate change is in the news quite a bit these days. More often than not, however, the stories are set in places that are very far away from our own homes and communities, or the science behind climate change is confusing.

We're trying to address both of these problems by making it easier to learn about climate change and its effects, and by focusing on what climate change means for Montana and its citizens.

Click below to see:

  • a general introduction to climate change, with a focus on the ways in which Montana's climate has changed over the course of the last 100 years,
  • a look at the effects that Montana's changing climate has had on our economy and farming and ranching operations, as well as on hunting, fishing, wildlife, and snow sports in our state,
  • stories about some of the ways in which Montana's citizens have been trying to address climate change in our communities and wild places,
  • fun and easy backyard experiments for students and teachers to use to learn first-hand about climate change here in Montana.

Feel free to let us know if there are any other topics that you'd like us to cover, and we'll do our best to get some content up that addresses your interests and questions.

Photo at top of page: U.S. Geological Survey.