Montanans addressing climate change: Success stories

Montana is filled with great examples of people who are finding ways to address climate change - either by themselves, or with their neighbors and co-workers.

While staff from local universities, federal and state agencies are working to learn more about how climate change is affecting the forests, fish, and wildlife species we care about, many citizens are adapting (and saving money in the process) by becoming more energy efficient.

Right now we're inspired by The Blackfoot Challenge, which has worked in partnership with local communities along the Blackfoot River to create solutions to an old problem that is likely to become even more challenging in a warmer climate: drought.

Clint Muhlfeld of the U.S. Geological Survey/ Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center is also providing a fine example, by working to save our native trout fisheries in the face of numerous threats related to climate change, such as warmer waters and larger numbers of invasive fish species as stream temperatures increase.

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Photo at top of page:  U.S. Geological Survey.